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    Mic check… check… Hoping this forum isn’t totally dead…

    We’ve got a new management team at the Tucson Native American Flute Circle. We’re starting with a budget of pocket lint and change. None of us has any experience running a flute circle. Our new program director is organizing some concerts and workshops. I was wondering what sort of outside-the-flute-circle advertising we might do that’s free or nearly so. Any suggestions on flyer locations that have been especially effective? Or especially ineffective? Any other forms of advertising that worked particularly well and didn’t require lots of up-front cash? Any tips that would help us avoid expensive mistakes?



    rick mcdaniel

    Depends on where you are, and what sources are available to you.

    Here in DFW, we have a organization called DFW International, which promotes the arts for all cultural backgrounds. They have an event listing of all such events, for all cultures, in the area.

    You can also use the events bulletin boards, on your local media stations, such as Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS. If you have a suitable radio station, some of those also have bulletin board announcements of events, especially if the music relates to their programming “style”.

    You will also find that certain churches are happy to put a small blurb in their church newsletter, to make people aware of available events. (Plan ahead though, as there is lead time for that.)

    Use the flute forums to make people aware (several of those on Yahoo, as well as this one), and if you have the lead time, put it on the INAFA calendar as well.

    Approach any local arts groups, to make them aware, as well, as they may be able to include a mention of it in a newsletter, or website.

    Another good place to consider, is your local town / city TV channel……..all cities and towns have one, even if there isn’t much of value on there, to attract traffic. They usually do run a community calendar on such channels. Make sure you get the info to the city, anyway, as special events can go into an events calendar in the city newsletter for residents also.

    Make a flyer to put out at regional related events, and to send to flute circle coordinators in your regional area, besides your own.

    The guide to success, of course, is to plan well, plan early, and then execute your plan.


    Keith Glowka

    Such events here in Austin normally draw attendance of about 60-100. I helped promote one for Gentle Thunder and Will Clipman. It drew about 250. I chalk up a fair bit of that to a lot of hard work in setting up flyers and handouts at whole foods types of stores, herb shops, drum shops, crystal shops…you know, new age types of places. However, I think the biggest bump came from setting up a live interview/performance on the big morning show at our local NPR affiliate. The calls for tickets skyrocketed after that!

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